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Why Orbit Yoga?

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Orbit Yoga was founded with the intention of creating the highest quality yoga studio in Yorkshire by combining three key elements; yoga, people and community. Orbit Yoga is a family of teachers, students and staff who feel Orbit Yoga is their safe space – that they belong here.

We’ve created Orbit Yoga studio to be a sanctuary away from the noise and bustle of a working life; somewhere calm and tranquil that can be a part of people’s everyday lives. We also hope to dispel the myths surrounding yoga and who can practice it, because it really is for everyone. With heated flooring and a luxury interior, it really is a place to come and relax and be at one with your mind and body.

You can find our first site in Eggborough, Yorkshire. We plan to open more around Yorkshire over the next few years.

Self Sign In

At Orbit Yoga we have a 'Self Sign In' system - which means we ask our clients to check themselves into class using the iPads located in reception. By having no receptionist, we pass that saving onto to you, but we need you to work with us to ensure the smooth running of the studio.

Be sure to sign in on arrival to avoid no-show fees.


Yoga for beginners


Beginners are in safe hands at Orbit Yoga with our teachers being experts in providing a safe and welcoming environment in which to start your practice.

All of our classes are open level and are suitable for beginners, advanced and everyone in between. Our classes offer modifications so that you can customise your class to fit your specific needs and level of expertise.




Q. Can I try one class before I commit?
A. Yes, there are no membership or joining fees. Orbit is pay-as-you go, so you’re free to come when you want to, not because you feel you have to. If you’d like to try a class simply purchase a 1 class drop-in pass for £8.50.

Q. How much is membership?
A. We recommend that you start with one of our drop In classes. You can view all of our pricing options here.

Q. Do I need to bring my own mat? A. No, we provide mats and all the accessories you may need.

Q. How do I register? Can I sign up at the studio? A.We’re afraid not. The studios have no receptionist, everything is done online through our website. No printing involved which helps us being green too. You can also download the MindBody app or register through the MindBody website.

Q. How do I book a class?
A. You can book your classes in whatever way works best for you – on our website or on our App.

Q. Where can I find your mobile App?
A. You can download the Mindbody free App from the Apple app store or Google Play Store. And then simply search Orbit Yoga.

Do you still have unanswered questions? Why not drop us a message, we’ve all been there, we’ve got your back!